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Ecowings contributes to the protection of humans and the environment by removing truck inner tubes from the waste stream and by upcycling them into high-quality products. The brand helps reduce CO2 emissions and shows that there is no need to cut down a forest or use animal skins to run a healthy business. Ecowings works together with CO2OK, whereby every customer contributes to a reduction of the climate impact of transport and production. Ecowings is a vegan registered brand by Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).


Ecowings makes bags and accessories from truck inner tubes in India. By removing discarded inner tubes from the waste stream and upcycling them into high-quality products, Ecowings prevents rubber from being burned in the open air. A team of local, skilled craftsmen shape the Ecowings bags and accessories by hand. Ecowings provides employment to people of all classes for which they receive fair compensation. Ecowings helps to develop their skills and provides a comfortable, clean and safe working environment. The Ecowings bags and accessories are durable, stylish and each bag is unique.

Offer Terms & Conditions: Users shall be able to use the Gift Cards on any item available inside Ecowings ecommerce website, excluding items on which other promotions, discounts or rebates already apply. The €10 gift card is valid for a minimum cart value of €80. The €15 gift card is valid for a minimum cart value of €100. The €20 gift card is valid for a minimum cart value of €120.

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